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Looking to join the AF

by mblm924 mblm924 (New) New Nurse

Specializes in ER/Trauma. Has 4 years experience.

Anyone ED AF?

So, I need a little help here. I have 2 years in ED (Level 1) and 1.5 years in acute psych. I plan to approach the ED, as I am in Trauma and would like to stay there. I do understand that for me to be considered competitive I would need my CEN and TCRN, both of which I am working on. I was going to sit for my CEN in April until COVID came. My goal now is it complete them both before the end of the year. I do have a few other certs.
What’s the role like for an ER RN that wants to stay Trauma? Where would I be stationed? What do you wish you knew beforehand? What’s the application process timeline? Thanks.

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