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Looking to interview a retired or active nurse age 65 or older


Hi ya'll,

I am an LPN student graduating in just 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! We have an assignment to interview a nurse retired or active over the age 65. I have some questions, but basically I want to know your story. I only have to do one interview, but I would like to hear from several nurses over 65 willing to do an interview. This is a fun assignment for me, because I love to hear about how things were and how things have changed. Thanks for looking and hopefully I will hear from several of ya'll.


Sister Fox

Specializes in Operating Theatre and Occ. Health.

You didn't seem to get any replies, Harmony. I'm from the UK but if I can help, I'd be willing.

Harmony, I am a sixty seven year old retired LPN. I worked as a nurse for over thirty years and would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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