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looking for a hospice nurse or social worker in the parkersburg area to talk to...

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by Vivitar123 Vivitar123 (New Member) New Member

Vivitar123 works as a ICU RN in Medical Center of Houston.

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Hi, I am an ICU nurse in Houston, TX. A family member of mine who has been treated at MD Anderson does not want any more treatments. He will be going home to the Parkersburg area in a few weeks. I am not sure just how soon he will need hospice, but I want to be pro-active and have a hospice provider chosen. I really would like to talk to some hospice nurses (or nurses in the area who would know) about which hospice is the best. To me, the "best" means excellent symptom management, ease of access to Drs/orders can be easily obtained by the nurse when needed, and nice caring and compassionate nurses. If any of you are a hospice nurse, have experience with different hospice companies, or know a social worker in the area who I could talk to I would appreciate it very much!

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