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looking for a good school in St. Louis...

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I am looking into starting nursing school and am trying to figure out reputable schools in the St. Louis area... I have been looking at Chamberlain School of Nursing - has anyone had good/bad experiences there as a student? I haven't heard a whole lot about this school, but it looks like it would be a good place to start...

Any feedback is appreciated!


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Hello...I've heard mixed things about Chamberlain. It is also on the higher expense for tuition, etc.

I am attending St. Charles Community College. However, they have an excellent reputation in the St. Louis area. Florissant Valley/Meramec as well have reputable programs. It all depends on if you are humble enough to attend 2-year and can ignore the stigma the general public has placed on 2 year college programs (including community college nursing programs)

Hope that has been somewhat helpful