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I'm a nursing student at St. Elizabeth and classes over the summer got cancelled which is pushing back my graduation date...I was supposed to be done in December of 08 now it won't be until July of 09. I am looking into Ivy Tech RN ASN program at the Lafayette campus....if anyone is currently in it or knows anything about it please let me know so I can make my decision within the next week it would be great! I have finished Anatomy/Physiology 1 & 2, Microbiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, my Physical Assessment and Interpersonal clinicals. I know all of that will transfer and maybe some of my other courses. Please let me know what you think of the Ivy Tech program. I really want to get my RN as soon as possible to work then go back and get my BSN since St. Elizabeth is pretty much screwing me over with classes and my money.:angryfire


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I was just accepted into the Nursing Program that will start in August at the Lafayette campus. Application deadlines were April 1. They only have openings for 40 students due to clinical rotations, so it is very competitive. There are several hundred students that apply and only 40 get in. In my opinion, it is a great program and you can't beat the education value at such a great tuition rate.

It may be worth checking into for you. I can tell you that the prereqs for the program at ANP 101, ANP 102, ENG 111 and PSY 101. Then you are required to take an admissions test called the TEAS test. Each of your grades in these 4 classes along with your TEAS score carry a points value and they are added together and you are ranked accordingly. They start admitting based on the highest score on down until they reach the top 40 candidates.

Hope this helps. Amy

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