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Looking for Cna classes inCeader rapids IA(preferably free?) if not thats ok too


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i am looking for a cna class in ceder rapids IA id like it o be free but if that's not possible ill find a way looking for something ASAP..i dont want to cook food anymore! i would like to go back to being a cna:nurse:


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try calling some of the nursing homes in CR. I know some offer you the class, with the assumption that you will be working for them for a specified amount of time after you pass. Also, Kirkwood offers CNA classes, I am sure.


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double post...sorry


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Try Manor Care Health Services 1940 FIRST AVENUE NE CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52402. Most of the Manor cares provide CNA classes, they will pay for the classes and in return you work for them. Good Luck!

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