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Looking for BSN-DNP programs


I am looking to get my BSN-DNP in family practice. I will graduate from West Virginia University with my BSN and am looking to relocate to the state of Virginia. I am open to all advice and opinions. I am undecided whether to do an online BSN-DNP program or traditional on campus program. Also, what are good BSN-DNP programs (both online programs and traditional on campus programs in Virginia)? The online program doesn't have to be in Virginia.

Thanks in advance!

There are currently four universities with BSN-DNP programs in Virginia. These are Radford, Shenandoah, UVa, and Old Dominion. The different schools offer programs in different specialty tracks. I would encourage you to first decide the certification you want to pursue (and the practice area) and then consider the best program for your particular needs.


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