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Looking for Advice on MSN in education

by kberssrn kberssrn (New) New


I am looking for help on getting information on what a masters in education program will be like. I have applied for a complete ONLINE part-time (2 classes as semester) program. I will continue to work full time (3-12 hour shifts a week), married and have a 1 year old, but have full family support on going back to school. I have my BSN, so this will be BSN to MSN. Just would like any information anyone can give me on the program. I am completely clueless going into this. What are the expectations on clinicals, how difficult are the classes, is it totally manageable to work full time and go to school full time for this degree? I am getting myself very stressed about how I'm going to do this and would like any feedback someone could give me that has done this before.

Thank you for your time!