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Look to do Agency Nursing in the Detroit Metro Area

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I am looking to do agency nursing in the detroit metro area and am looking for some local companies to work with. please help?


I am a contractual nurse and have been doing visiting nursing for two years. Be careful who you work for. Do not accept any pay below 50/visit that is the going rate for lpn visits if your an rn its higher of course. Some close up shop the feds are all over mi right now THANK GOD to stop the fraud. An agency in Dearborn mi still owes me 1,600 dollars for visits,from june. I still have the original paperwork generally you fax in for your pay and send in your hard copies weekly. I have witnessed so much fraud its sick! And when ever I cry about it I remember my patients who anxiously await my arrival with coffee and a smile and I feel the strong need to keep going on to find other agencies to work for. They love you........apply at Lifeline in Dearborn they really go the xtra mile to make you feel safe in every way.

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MSN/Saber-Salisbury out of Troy, MI has always been great to me.

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