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Longview Wa- RN, BSN

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Hi Everyone!

I recently passed my NCLEX! Yey! But dilemma doesn't end there.

I have a BSN degree from the Philippines 9 years ago.

It is a challenge for me to look for an opportunity where I can pick up my self and skills after so long. I passed IELTS, CG Evaluation and NCLEX by self study. Now I need experience to hone my skills.

Someone told me Kaiser Clinic in Longview gives a good entry level training.Some advised me to try Delaware Plaza Senior Living and some says, try to go for Pscyhe Nursing in St JOhn's. Others wanted me to try Hospice care..

I am overwhelmed with the information and options bombarded.What is really realistic and a good training ground to be a starter here?

Your advise and experience will be taken gratefully.

Thank you for taking time to stop by and share your valuable experience.

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