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Longview/Kelso/Castle Rock LVN/RN

Washington   (181 Views 1 Comments)
by PhatRN PhatRN (Member)

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Hi Fellow Health Professionals that live in Washington or have lived here! (LVN/RN)

I NEED your help!

I need to hear your voice and experience working in a health care facility/institution around Longview/Kelso/Castle Rock Wa area. I am so excited to hear from you!!! Please STOP BY AND SHARE your story!

Thank you!!!!

First day at work can be nerve wracking...

How was the environment on your first job on the first few months?

A. Working environment

B. Management

C. People/Co workers

How was the orientation process? How was the mentor(s) or preceptor(s)?

How long did you stay? If you can provide PROS and CONS please.

PROS: What you like about the company

CONS: Areas you think they can work on to be better

DISCLAIMER: It's an opinion.

This is not to pin down any one or any institution or facility. We have the freedom of speech that we can use for good to better our selves, our community and our future. Each one is entitled for their own opinion and share based on their personal experience. It may not work for everybody. So keep what works for you and throw away what doesn't.

We are all different.

We are all unique but can be united as one to reach our goals.

Thank you so much for your time!!

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