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Longtime Palms West nurse retires with mixed emotions


Specializes in CCU, Geriatrics, Critical Care, Tele. Has 27 years experience.

on may 10, marie ripton said goodbye one last time to her colleagues at palms west hospital. her nursing career of nearly three decades was over.

she describes her last few hours at the hospital as "sad and happy" because she was leaving a job and people she loved-but her retirement was about to begin...

she has fond memories of life at palms west, especially "the good times when you can walk out of there with the feeling that you've accomplished something.... to know that you've made even one person happy."...

though she's enjoyed her career, she admits there have been sad times "especially when dealing with death."

despite this downside, "i would do it again," she said.

ripton wants to get the word out that florida is facing a nursing crisis. she said the state needs about 8,000 nurses.

"those of us leaving between (ages) 45 and 50 are not being replaced."

ripton fears the field is not attractive to young people because of the nature of the job and the irregular hours.

"that's why my daughter wouldn't do it," said ripton. "it's not a glorious career, but you can make it a good thing. you're just helping people."

she said nurses often don't feel appreciated by patients and their families.

full story: longtime palms west nurse retires with mixed emotions [palm beach post,fl]

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