New grads in LTAC

  1. Hi guys! Any new grads/ seasoned nurses currently working in LTAC? I would love to hear some tips on how a new grad like me can survive in LTAC! I worked in a medsurg post-op unit for almost 3 months and resigned since it was too hectic for me and now I would like to try LTAC. Nurse to patient ratio in LTAC is 1:8 night shift. I really want to give this my best and do not want to think about quitting again=c Any tips/pearls of wisdom from nurses who worked/currently working in LTAC would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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    Let me move this to the long term care forum.
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    I wanted to ask if you were still working in a LTAC? And if so, would you recommend it to other new nurses who want to gain critical care experience? I ultimately would like to work in an ICU but I am having a hard time getting into the ICU in a hospital in the Philadelphia area. I was hoping that the LTAC facility will enable me to learn how to deal with many issues that I would see again in the ICU. Do you have any feedback or suggestions from your experience?