how long after passing nclex did license number post?


Hi everyone. I took nclex on the 22nd (wednesday), found out via quick results that I passed friday. When can I expect to see my license on the LARA website?

Thanks so much!



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It differs by state.

ETA: Just realized you posted this in the Michigan forum. Soooo ignore my comment lol.

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thanks, it posted :)

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There seems to be no consistency as to when LARA updates their site. It took almost 9 days from the day I took NCLEX for my license to post. A few classmates had theirs post 24 hours after. Some only a few days. Longest was 12 days, but her NCLEX results were on hold due to palm scanner not working after her test.

Congrats on passing! Hopefully, you'll see your license # on the site soon :D



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Mine was posted within about 5 days.