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Location/ Facilty Advice

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Hi All

After months of unsuccessful new grad job search, I've decided to broaden my search to include not only South Florida (SF), but also surrounding regions (thanks to suggestions from AN!!)

Other places being considered include Bradenton and Sarasota. Now, my mind is racing with possibilities such as visiting one day. I do drive, but I don't like driving those long distances. My research thus far reveals that Bradenton is small town. This is evident, as when I searched for travel options from SF to both places, there is very limited options for Bradenton (right now, flying is not an option, it's too expensive). No up-to-date info is on AN. Can anyone please share information they may have on Blake Medical Center and Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Lifestyle in Bradenton vs Sarasota. Info including, but not limited to:

Pros and con of each facility

Rental housing cost

Safe communities to live

General cost of living


Entertainment/ shopping

Any additional info


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Please, for the sake of your nursing license... stay far, far, FAR away from Blake Medical Center. Sarasota Memorial Hospital seems to have a much desirable new graduate support system. If you want to go to an HCA facility, I have heard Doctors Hospital may be better. I have heard that Florida hospitals have new grad programs and so do the Baycare Systems (which are also rated good). I would stay clear of HCA.

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