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Loans for grad school

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I'm planning on going back to school to become a CNM. Just curious how everyone pays for grad school. Where do you get your loans from? I won't be working much during school. I'm guessing I will have to take out around $80000 to pay for school and my living expenses during those 2 years.

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I have chosen to go to school part-time. I saved money prior to starting my program so I had tuition money when I started. I work part-to-full time, and I allot money from every paycheck to go to my tuition fund. My employer has tuition reimbursement, and these funds will go back into my tuition savings. I don't anticipate needing to borrow money until I reach the clinical phase of my program and will be unable to work as much as I do now. For me, taking the slow boat is worth avoiding $100k in student loans.


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That's a good plan, I do not want anymore loans for my MSN. I think will try tutition payment plans and work extra to save. I am also considering the NRLP programs as well.