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Loan Forgiveness for Nevada Nursing

by PrayingToPass PrayingToPass (Member)

Loan repayment contracts...

  1. 1. Loan repayment contracts...

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      Nah, too good to be true
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The $5k loan forgiveness program for Nevada nurses requires working 2 f/t years in this state as new grads, or pay back x3 the amount (which also requires a cosigner). Does this sound like a good deal to anyone else? I hear it is tough for new grads to find work in NV so I find the retention clauses/penalties in our loan forgiveness program a bit heavily leveraged, can you please weigh in on this? ~ Know of any other scholarships around that dont have this catch 22?

WICHE program got cancelled for undergrads as of Oct. 15th 2014

When did this happen? How about if you are currently enrolled in it?