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Liver cancer hep c

toadsoak toadsoak (New) New

My 45 y/o brother was diagnosed with liver cancer. Of course everyone expects me to have all the answers. He was sent to Newark university hospital to see a liver specialist. They did an MRI today, his albumin levels are very low and he was complaining of SOB, weakness, he felt pressure in his chest area. I am too close to him and react to his pain. I feel helpless.

Any one know a lot about this topic? liver transplants, etc.

katzpur@aol.com :o

my dtr had a blood transfusion with birth of son, now after 17 years she was dx w/hep c

she did not respond to interferon..i know what you are going through...i feel so helpless

I'm sorry about your brother's illness, toadsoak. My brother-in-law has been fighting lymphoma for over one year. Hope your brother and you hang on.

Sorry to hear of your brother's illness. Something like this always knocks you for a loop. In regards to your question, I've seen liver transplants for HepC but have not seen transplants for cancer. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You need to talk with the specialist. Keep us posted.

ca of liver is frequently a secondary site..and even if primary frequently metastizes more than many other ca

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