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LIU Clinicals/Classes at Kings County Hospital???

Hello All,

Any LIU students ever take their clinicals and/or nursing classes at Kings County if so how was it? I have the option of doing my clinicals/classes at Kings County or classes at the LIU campus and clinicals at whatever hospital they place their students. Have trouble deciding, any advice would be helpful. :D


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I just graduated from LIU in January 2012. I took classes at KC my last semester. I loved it. Classes are way nicer than the ones on campus and they have a little student lounge area that's way nicer than the one on campus. Your clinicals don't have to be at KC....they're whereever the section you choose for clinicals are. Hope this helps. ;)


Thanks Limerick!!!

This info helps I live closer to KC than LIU so it will be great for me. I just wanted to hear about another persons experience. since you have just graduated can you tell me about your experience at LIU. Did you go full time or part time?? You can PM me if you do not want to post here.


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