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a little help please?

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hey all :p

Does anyone out there know of any LPN programs in Mass that dont begin in September? I'm looking to enroll in a program for next year (2010) and I've been looking primarily at the program in necco and the program at lowell tech. Only thing is that they both begin in September and I'd like (if at all possible) to find something that begins a little earlier.

There's an LPN program in Salem, NH that begins in May and isn't too far away from where I live, but they cost 16 grand, not including uniforms and/or books. And they dont offer financial aid, sooo I dont really want to pay that much when Lowell Tech is about 8 grand and I can pay for it w/out financial aid, which they also offer.

Anywho, getting carried away here :rolleyes:, does anyone know if there are any programs that begin before September and are in Mass???

I'd greatly appreciate ANY imput!! Thanks a bunch! :heartbeat

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Ericad85 specializes in CNA, MA.

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Diman Regional Tech begins next year this is located in Fall River, MA or Bristol Plymouth Tech begins in 2011 these are night programs that I know about. Hope it helps :)

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