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List of LPN-RN bridge programs anywhere?


I've been looking for ages to find a complete list of LPN-RN bridge programs in Canada. Does anyone have one?

The only places I know of are Athabasca and UofA!

It depends if your just looking for a certain province or what.

Here in Ontario we have a couple and a getting more. The school I'm at right now (Georgian College) is just looking into one and will probably get it in a year or so. Some others are also Centennial College, George Brown and just google it for more.


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The UofA's bridge is long gone.


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In BC we have Douglas College, University of Victoria and recently the VCC - Vancouver Community College which I think will start next year.


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Malaspina on the island had a bridge as well.

The thing you had to watch for in BC was there were usually more applicants than seats available.

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