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Linfield BSN Program

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Hey everyone!

I have been accepted into Linfield’s BSN program for Spring 2021. I was hoping I could get some input from graduates regarding this program. 

I have heard from a few Linfield nurses that after graduating that they didn’t feel very confident in their “hands on” skills and that they learned a lot of them once they hit the floor. Can any graduates speak to if this is how you felt as well after graduating?


Another thing that I have been told is that some instructors are great while others are absolutely terrible. Can any graduates explain if this is the case or not?


I have one other school that I have been accepted to so this wouldn’t be my only choice, I would just like some/any information from previous Linfield students on how their experience was throughout the program. Anything would help! I’m just trying to make the best decision between the two schools so any information/insight you can give I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!!

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