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Limited Entry Application Workshop at CSN

WeezyJane WeezyJane (New) New

Hey guys,

I attended the Limited Entry Application Workship at CSN on May 29, 2014 and was about 5-10 minutes late and because of that I was unaware that there was a sign in sheet in the beginning of class. About 4 days ago I got into the TEAS exam as a standby which was the only pre-req I was missing in order to apply for the Spring 2015 semester. I printed out the application as well as the checklist and then I saw it (mandatory attendance of the limited entry application workshop). I was there I just don't know how I can prove it since I did not sign in. I spoke to the health advisor at the K Building and he told me I needed to speak with the woman in charge of the limited workshop (whom I've called multiple times but unfortuntely she's been ill and has not been in her office). I don't want to wait another semester to apply because of this issue, my question is would they deny my application due to the fact I didn't sign up for the workshop? I'll my best to talk to the woman in charge, hopefully she'll be back in office before the application deadline.