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Likeliness of getting into BJC/SSM?


I called back a recruiter today for BJC

I've had:

-Three months of med/surg which I quit due to improper training/personality clashes

-Two months of LTC which I was terminated for due to raising my voice while walking away from a resident (which I was trying to skate around by saying it wasn't a good fit and the manager and I decided that together...but eventually she pressured me to tell the truth.) I told her however that I have learned how to manage my issues and I'm ready to work at a hospital again.

And I'm working PRN for an agency currently with various hours.

Is this bad? Are they even going to consider me? What is the likeliness that they're even going to want me? Is this going to happen if I apply to SSM too?

The job I applied for is an intermediate unit that does not require any experience in nursing. It's about an hour from my house currently.