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Lifespan psychology refresher?

I've been accepted to an accelerated BSN program that is giving me credit for a previous child development course in place of the required lifespan psychology course. Would it be worth it / necessary to take lifespan psychology anyway? Do those of you in nursing school who had this pre-requisite find that important points are reviewed or are you expected to have the knowledge coming in to the program?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I just finished my Foundations (lifespan) Course for my Acclerated BSN program which is basically Growth and Developmentmental pysch mixed in with a lil history of nursing. I dont think you really missed out, I took a developmental psych class in my undergrad and it was the same exact thing. All it did for me was refresh my memory on Erickson's tasks, Piaget's cognition, and Kholberg morality. If you have any question just send me an PM.

Thanks for the input. I actually bought the book that the course uses, so I'll probably just review it on my own. At least I'll have the reference and save money by not repeating the course.


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