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Life Span 1

Specializes in Cardiac. Has 2 years experience.

Any thoughts on life span 1? So much information but I got a 70 on the first practice exam so not bad!


Has 8 years experience.

I am on to LS1 as well, so don`t know whats up. But if you could get 70 on EC practice exam ,i think you are up to it.


Specializes in Med-Surg, OR, ICU.

I found LS 1 the easiest of the lifespans..I believe that's because it covers areas that I'm familiar with and work with nearly everyday. It seemed to me that the further I proceeded with exams the less the practice exam helped..still a great tool but I found the notes from yahoo groups very useful


Specializes in Cardiac. Has 2 years experience.

Thank you all so much! Just want to get these last three over with!


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