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Started my first job as an NP several weeks ago and was told yesterday that the office will take a life insurance policy out for me of which they are the beneficiary. Now, I understand the reasoning behind it, lost income in the event of my death, I have to admit I was a little surprised. Is this standard as an NP? I of course made a joke about if I do a bad job they can bump me off. I couldn't resist. Just wondering if it was typical. Wasn't discussed during my interviews.



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Ugh - I've never heard of this.



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Woa... Never heard of this... be careful and stay alert. That doesnt sound right. If you left that practice it would be the same lost of income as if you died. They would just hire someone else in either case.

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can you decline it?



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I've personally have never heard of this and would question why this was not brought up during the interview process. Maybe you should contact an attorney for advice. There is a article that discusses this practice called " Capitalism: A Love Story." Scary!!

The article is at


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I've heard about this, but usually for CEO's and really vital employees. None of my positions did this. I'd say ok if they match with a Ben of my choosing.