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Life after HRSA

fellifel fellifel (New) New

Hello all,

I'm a new member here at allnurses.com ...the reason I finally joined is that I really need some of your advice regarding my HRSA scholarship.

I graduated this May at a university here in Philadelphia, PA. Do any of you have any advice in looking for HPSA approved sites? I've been looking for months now with no success nor any progress. Most sites say they only hire medical assistants and can't afford RN's. There's a lot of eligible sites that I found here in Philly but they are just not hiring. I don't know what else to do. I tried looking for sites that are further from my location but still come up empty.

What I really want is to work inpatient. I looked at their list of CAH (critical access hospitals) and the closest one to me is 4 hours away and I don't even know if they are hiring.

If someone can give me any advice at all that would be wonderful. I'm starting to feel trapped because of this scholarship.