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Licensure for Travel Nurisng

missfoxrn missfoxrn (New) New

I'm planning on moving from Texas this August and I'm working on setting up some jobs. I was curious how it worked with having multiple licenses? Do you get temporary licenses? How does that work? Thanks in advance.

Depends on the state if they issue temp licenses or not. Regardless, you are supposed to get a permanent license, the temp just helps fast track you into a job before all the paperwork is completed at the board (don't have to wait on transcripts for example). If you don't, you won't be eligible for a temp the next time. Most long term travelers just let licenses lapse until they go back to the state and in most states, reinstatement is rather easy, and the late fee doesn't cost as much as a couple years of licensing.

In the old days, you could actually complete assignments with a walk-through temp license. I believe I have worked in three states that I never got the perm.