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Licensure in other states


Does anyone have any experience with getting a license in another state if you did not complete complete your monitoring agreement. Just a little background. Was on a 3 year monitoring agreement for past drug and alcohol abuse. Back in May I tested positive for etg and had to surrender my license pending an investigation. Know we are talking about moving out of state. I only had about 5 months and my agreement would have been complete. Any feedback would be great !!!

Michigan will not endorse.

dirtyhippiegirl, BSN, RN

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I think you have the added burden of a surrendered license and ongoing investigation? I don't know if getting licensed in another state with your current situation is possible although maybe someone will come along with experience.

Moving states while actively in a monitoring program -- some states won't let you license at all, some make you restart a program entirely. And I believe 5 years is more common than 2 or 3 which is something to keep in mind...