Licensure by Examination in Another State

by kmccrary4 kmccrary4 (New) New Student

Hello all. I am a nursing student who will graduate in May 2022. I currently live in Missouri but am planning to move to and work in Colorado (they are both compact states). I've been researching the easiest way to obtain my license in Colorado right out of graduation, but there seems to be no easy way to do it. My initial thought was to apply for licensure by examination in the state of Colorado (through the board of nursing of course) while still declaring my Primary State of Residency in MO since I won't be able to have a Colorado driver license until I live in CO for 90 consecutive days. Is that going to be acceptable? 

Most people are telling me that I should just get a MO multistate license and go through the endorsement process. However, there are kinks to that. I can't start the endorsement process until I have a CO driver license, and I can't have a CO driver license until I've lived in the state for 90 consecutive days. 

Another probable issue is that I will be working at a camp from the end of May to the beginning of August in CO and will not have a permanent residency (apartment, house, etc.) during that time. This is a complication because I can't start the endorsement process until I've lived in CO for 90 consecutive days. 

Sorry for the long post, but if there's anybody here that can please explain in detail how I can do this the easiest way possible while following all the rules I would greatly appreciate it. It seems like they make it so hard these days.