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License Verification for VisaScreen from CGFNS

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I took my NCLEX-RN in the State of California and since I don't have an SSN yet, I applied for licensure by endorsement in Vermont, which does not require an SSN to issue a license.

Now, I have an active license in Vermont and I want to apply for a VisaScreen Certificate from CGFNS. My question is, do I have to submit the "Request for License Verification/Registration" form to both California (state where I took my NCLEX) and Vermont(state where I applied for endorsement)? Or should I just send the License verification form to Vermont, where my RN license is active?

Thanks so much

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I just did AZ verification and didn't bother with NY where I took my initial licensure and had no problems. All they require is confirmation that you have passed NCLEX

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