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License question?


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Hi all,

I just wondered on average how long it took NJ to send you your license one they recieved all your documents and nclex passing reults? I want to set up interviews and most places are asking me to bring my license with me to interview.

Many thanks.

You can call the NJ BON and have them fax you a letter containing your license number that you can bring with you to interviews until you receive your actual license. If I remember correctly, it took about 3-4 weeks to receive my license and approximately 6 weeks for my name to show online.


it just took me about 6 weeks and I went to several places to fill out applications but no one would accept a faxed letter so now I am returning this week with my license but no one seems to be hiring..hope it's because of the year end...


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I got a letter from the NJ BON in around 14 days / 2 weeks from my NCLEX notification on-line pass date. That letter contained my NJ RN license number, etc. The physical paper license itself took 4-5 weeks. It really feels good to get the license in the mail .

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