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License number posted but "pending", after NCLEX-PN

by Vak8811 Vak8811 (New) New

Since I have a license number and it's pending (which I didn't prior to testing), is this an indication that I passed? I did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop-up too. I was just curious because if I did pass why would it still be pending? Thanks for any information!

The test shut off at 85 questions, and I felt okay about it, didn't feel I did too bad or too well so..


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If you've waited 24 hours you've passed. I finished in the minimum as well and got the good pop up after 20 minutes. After copious amounts of research I found that people garnered false results because they may have checked too early and the 2nd check on their exam (the exam is scored twice within 24 hours) reversed their results. That's why some people who got the bad pop up passed and those who got the good pop up failed. My license wasn't posted to my BON until Tuesday this week as I took it last Friday. My license was on pending status once I sent in my license application though and was pending until Tuesday