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License in non-compact state

I live in Idaho and work as a RN. I am getting ready to take a corporate position for the Home Health Agency that I work for. I will be working from home but entering orders for all of our branches. One of the branches is in California which is not part of the compact state licensing. How do I go about getting a license in the state of California so I am covered?

I have been on the California board state of nursing but I am having a hard time finding the information I need and cannot get a hold of anyone on the phone.

I also want want to make sure it won't affect my current license.

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You need to go to the state board of nursing website and look at endorsing. It will not affect any licenses you already have

You just apply for a license by endorsement. The info should be available on the BRN website. It has no effect on your current license.


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