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License about to expire PLEASE help


How can I get my CE's that quick? Is there a dependable web site or something I can go to? If so,how do I prove to the board that I have these hours? I totally forgot and now I am freaking out. Please help. Oh yes, I am in Texas. Thanks in advance. Julie

There are lots of websites that offer "free ceus" and you can print up a completion certificate after--Look up "Texas LPN CEU's" and see what you get. Also Western.....something.....school or some such thing will send you a magazine type book that you read, do the tests, then you can fax them the stuff they need, and they send you a completion certificate. They may have a website. Also, if you are working and your place of employment requires that you do a mandatory training day or you go on the computer and take mandatory tests on infection control, culturally competent care, that type of stuff, I would ask if it qualifies for CEU's. In Massachusetts, we don't have to send the completions for our renewal, but they need to be available should they ask you for them.

Elite CME can be done online and print certificate right away