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Liberian MD on pregnancy and Ebola

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I contacted Dr. Lance Plyler, the Medical Director for Samaritan's Purse to get his personal account of Ebola and pregnancy. He oversees medical staff in Liberia, and is currently there treating patients. He was the physician who administered the first human dose of ZMapp ever to Dr. Brantly. (Fan girl :inlove:) In the study below, pregnant women present with hemorrhage, not with fever. However, it is from 1999, and with this outbreak, there is reported to be less hemorrhaging overall. This was his response:

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In short, because of my experience in West Africa and a number of reported anecdotal experiences ( there have been a number of patients with minimal symptoms, including low grade or perhaps no fever), I would not place too much merit on fever. If there was a pregnant patient with hemorrhaging and no fever from a given country within the epidemic, I would strongly advise isolation, testing, and appropriate staff protection until results return. I do hope this information helps. Blessings Lance Plyler MD"

I know the CDC's current recommendations do not say anything of hemorrhage, but please be aware as the number of cases grows in West Africa we are more likely to see an increase in cases here. And in the small chance that you receive this patient, please protect yourself regardless of the current guidelines.