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Lexington....Travel or relocate?

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I am a NICU nurse in Miami, and I am looking to relocate to Lexington next year. I also have experience in Mother/Baby and Pediatrics. This is a second attempt to relocate to Lexington. We tried a couple of years ago, but house issues kept us trapped here.

Does anyone know of a travel nurse agency that places in Lexington hospitals? Should I travel (to get my foot in the door) or should I just jump in with both feet, and relocate?

Also, while I am hoping to score a position at UK, does anyone have any recommendations for NICU's or children's hospitals in the area?

Thanks in advance.

Wendy :)


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UK's children's hospital seems to be hiring a lot right now (I started in the PICU where they have hired 7 new grads since June) The hospital is expanding like crazy, plans to open a Pediatric Intermediate Care unit, plus the NICU is huge and constantly looking for people to. From my experiences, if you have experience in the NICU you would have a good shot of getting in a UK.

Central Baptist and St. Joe's also have Mother Baby Units and small pediatric floors.


Specializes in NICU, M/B, PEDS.

Thanks for the info.

W. :o)