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Level 2 NICU

by serenity serenity (New) New Nurse

Anyone have insight on working in an intermediate care nursery/ Level 2 NICU/Special care nursery? I have seen job openings around my area and I wanted to know how the nurses like working in this kind of unit, their responsibilities, etc. Any feedback helps!

I worked in level 2 for 3 years. We were attached to the level 3 side by a short hallway and acted as a stepdown, so we didn't attend deliveries or admit new babies. It was mostly feeder growers and sick babies would be sent back to level 3. We could take babies on vapotherm, nasal cannula, or room air. We could handle PIVs, PICCs, and UVCs. UACs stayed in level 3. Our usual assignment was 3 or 4 babies.

It got to be boring after a while because it was mostly feeding babies but I learned good time management skills. Overall, it wasn't bad and I would do it again.