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Let's Help Each Other!

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Hello, this is a great opportunity for nursing students to get together and discuss weaknesses and strong points! This article is about Hesi specialty exams and exit exam only. If we all would help each other where the other is weak, it will be beneficial to all. So, I did fairly well on the psych and nutrition exam. I would be happy to give pointers/concepts if the same info can be exchanged. We're all trying to reach the same goal. Let's make it a little easier on ourselves!

Have you taken your Exit exam ? and are you LPN or RN , i am taking HESI exit exam third attempt this friday and would like to know if any one here has taken it .

Any help you have for exit hesi would be great.

Hi ladies,

I took the HESI RN Exit V-1 today. Is this the exam you guys are inquring about? I didn't study at all, because I'm doing my final practicum right now and because I want to know where I stand before I start studying....

I scored 1067 (I think that recommended score is 900).

Any pointers Mari15? Please share...