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Lehigh Valley New Graduate Nurse Residency 2014


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Hello Nurses!

I just got a job as a nurse intern at Lehigh Valley Hospital. I am not from the area, and was thinking about relocating. Anyone else get a job in Lehigh Valley Health Network and is looking for a roommate?



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I just applied for their nurse residency program for starting this fall! Do you know how long it takes for them to get back to you? What is the interview process like? Thanks!!


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When you first apply, it depends. I do not remember when they got back to me. If you get a reply back, you do a general interview with a few other new graduates. If that goes well, you go for a second interview with a manager.


Any advice for the group interview? I have one coming up in August and would love any advice!

Congras! Im graduating in May, hopefully :unsure:I also wanted to know if they are looking for specfic things for the residency program? Was there anything that they hint that they look for in order to get an interview? Any info would be hopeful :D