RN and law student NEED ADVICE!!

  1. Hi. I am a second year law student and RN. I have several years experience in critical care and med/surg. I would like to make money while I am in school. Is it possible for me to pick up some hours here and there consulting for law firms? Do I need to actually be certified as a LNC, because I already know more than what they teach in that course - I am halfway finished law school.

    Do I need to do anything besides aggressively network and market myself in the city I live in? I spent 3 months last summer in a legal internship where I basically did a lot of what a LNC does - I did it for medmal cases, social security appeals and nursing home cases.

    Please help me! Thanks!
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, Marissa,

    No, it not necessary to be certified as LNC. There are RNs who work as consultants and have no formal education as an LNC.

    Good luck in school.