Question about pay for LVN at Attorney's office

  1. My hubby who is an LVN (me too but this is not for me) .. is applying for a job at an attorney's office where they are looking for someone to review medical claims and assist paralegals with medical record review .. etc.. I am wondering if anyone on here would have any idea of a jumping off point salary for this type of position.. Around here LVN's in acute care make .. 16-18/hr.. LTC - 23-26/hr ... Just wondering if these positions tend to pay higher than floor work ? Any input would be helpful..
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  3. by   lindarn
    I thought that Legal Nursing was only for RNs.

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  4. by   caliotter3
    Have never heard of LVNs being hired for these positions at a legal firm. Have seen ads for LVNs to do chart review type work at insurance companies though.