Nurse Investigators

  1. I saw an ad for a nurse investigator with an attorneys office. Has anyone had any experience with this. Is this the same as a LNC? I am interested in starting in this field. I received my certificate this summer but dont have the money yet to start on my own, so I thought this might be a good way to start. They are also asking with the resume to send salary req. Does anyone know what salary range LNC's are receiving working in attorneys office? Any help would be great!!
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  3. by   sirI
    Good morning,

    I'm confused. You state that, "I received my certificate this summer...". Have you already taken the nurse investigator course???

    A Nurse Investigator is an RN or an LNC who has training/experience in medical record investigation which is the primary focus of the investigator career. There is only one entity that offers education/certification as investigator: - CLNI

    It is not quite the same as LNC. CLNI is also offered by the same entity that educates RNs as LNCs.