Need Information on LNC Stat and Vicki Milazzo courses

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    I am new to AllNurses and I am seriously researching legal nurse consulting. If anyone has taken the LNC Stat and Vicki Milazzo courses, could you give me a recommend on which course was most helpful to you. Heartfelt Thanks
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  3. by   bknyrn
    I took the LNC stat course. I didn't feel, as well as the 4 other people in my group, it prepared you for "the outside world". It wasn't totally bad, but I was a little disappointed. It did have its good points--provided a case sample, different ways to write reports, but maybe it was just that week. There were alot of personal issues with the owners, too many personal stories unrelated to the course, problems with the seminar meeting place--maybe that had something to do with it. Alot of other people do have good things to say about the course though--I guess I just had a bad week.
  4. by   joiousrn
    What did you decide? I'm looking at taking the Vicki Milazzo course in October. It came highly recommended and the web site alone is much better.