MJ in Health Law from Loyola-University of Chicago

  1. Would love to hear from someone/anyone with a MJ degree in Health Law from the university. What type of job are in that is allowing you to utilize this degree?
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  3. by   ANurseDivided
    I graduated with this degree in Dec. I have not been able to find any jobs that have specifically asked for the degree (although I was told by one the professors from the program that she had seen jobs that asked for the MJ degree). I enrolled in the program based off the information that was provided from the school stating that is was catered to health care professionals who would like to work in risk management, corporate compliance and the like.

    Some of the reason why I have not been able to find a job maybe partly due to the fact that I do not have the experience that most of the jobs are asking for....but I was hoping that the degree would help with getting my foot in the door.
  4. by   NayRN
    What kind of experience are they looking for?