Any LNC's in Kansas?

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    I am thinking of changing my career path. LNC is interesting to me. Are there any Kansas LNC's out there?:Santa1
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  3. by   sirI
    scrappinrn and welcome to the legal nursing forum

    check out the sticky threads about some of the courses available. if you have any specific questions, please post here.

    good luck with your decisions.
  4. by   RealiRN
    I also live in Kansas, and am planning to take the AALNC online course. I understand they have local chapters, and that you don't have to be practicing as a LNC to join. It sounds like it might be a great way to meet some LNC's in this area.
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    hello scrapinrn and realirn!!

    welcome to the legal nursing forum.

    realirn, if you become a member of aalnc you will also be able to network with other lnc's online.