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Leaving Nephrology

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hypnotizer90 is a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Nephrology.

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It is almost a year since I started working as Registered Practical Nurse at Nephrology here in Ontario, CAN. The unit is mixed - staff and the hospital itself is a teaching hospitals so I learned a lot. Some skills I was exposed to:

- Intravenous Therapy/ Insertion/ BW/ PICC/ Central line access

- Diabetes management/ Wound care - amputation, ulcers, kidney transplant site/ Education

- Mental health issues

- Catheterization - foley, intermittent 

- Feeding tube - NG, PEG

- Consulting MDs - attending/fellow/resident

I must say this is a very busy & interesting 12hr unit. 

Sadly after finishing my RN BScN this year, I have decided to try-out nursing in the US. I thought I would be specializing in nephro and would take the CNA Neprology Certificate. But I will be starting a new RN job in General Surgery in the States. I can take the ANCC Med-Surg Certificate instead. 

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