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Learn more about Otoscope Designs

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I just read something interesting regarding Otoscope Designs which I think is very informative specially to nursing students. Maybe you could read it if you have time.


As early as 1363, Guy de Chauliac of France illustrated the very first design of otoscope which comes in a tong shape specula and has the capacity to examine the aural and nasal passages. Ancient ear specialists make use of this medical instrument for almost half a century. In 1838, Ignaz Gruber of Italy tried to redesign the said device to a funnel shape specula but unfortunately, his invention remains unpublished. Then in 1864, E.Siegel from Germany introduced a new model of medical instrument for ear check up called pneumatic otoscope.

Read the rest at http://www.ubscure.com/Art/166638/49/An-Overview-of-Otoscope-Designs.html

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