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latex gloves and eczema

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I am going to be a nurse student and I have eczema on my hands, which put me at risk of developing latex allergy. I am wondering if it is a good practice to double glove with cotton gloves underneath and then put latex gloves on when there are only latex gloves available? Also, if I want to be an OR nurse, is it going to be a problem for me if I do not want to wear latex gloves? Thanks for your input :loveya:


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A lot of hospitals, at least in Ontario are also moving towards being completely latex free, if they aren't already. Because of the awareness around increasing latex allergies in the last few years, our hospital is latex free which is great because I'm sensitive to latex as well. At my hospital, regular use gloves (non sterile) are all Latex free. If you want to work in the OR they have non latex sterile nitrile gloves. (They are more expensive at this point but they are available to anyone that needs them). I'm not sure what the policy would be on using cotton gloves under latex gloves as that seems like it might be an "infection control" issue. Just ask the unit you get assigned to and most likely they can accomodate you.

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